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04 June 2008 @ 12:26 pm
[voice post]  
So, I've been alive an' workin'. I've mostly been doing some waitressing for now, but whenever they need an extra hand at cooking they've pulled me into the kitchen, so I can't complain.

In fact, I gotta run now. Catch 'ya later!

[sound of a button press, but the recording keeps on going. Eventually, a chopping sound is heard.]

Nadia, why so many different cheeses? I thought there was only two kinds: white and yellow.

Pftt. Are you kidding? There's tons of different kinds of cheese with various textures an' tastes! 'Ya can't have three-cheese dishes with only two.

And you have *six* out on the table.

The more cheese, the better! You've gotta combine the mildness of cheddar an' jack and the creaminess of mozzarella for a perfect cheese harmony... though I gotta say Muenster's my personal fave. [the sound of chewing] Mmm. Ahh, don't worry, I bought this m'self. Anyhow, then you can't forget your bleu cheese or even parmesan for the salads!

Now you're just talking nonsense.

Aw, c'mon Aspen. Just 'cause you haven't even eaten cheese doesn't mean you gotta rag on it!

[sigh] You *do* realize that your D-Comm is still recording, correct?

Whaaaat? ...Oh, for the love of--! [STATIC, end transmission]